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Various Artists - Ion Driver Presents:

by Ion Driver

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Artist: Various Artists
Release: Ion Driver Presents:
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date : May 11th, 2015
Duration: 58:00
Catalog # ADDICTECH088
UPC Code: 889326213123
File Under: IDM, Glitch Hop, Glitch, Downtempo, Electronica

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Simply put, Ion Driver is a Jack of All Trades. Production, Mastering, Sound Design - the man does it all. And he does it phenomenally. Now he’s decided to create a compilation of 10 songs from a mixed bag of tracks from exemplary producers from across the globe. The production quality of this project is immense - each track is otherworldly in its sheer tonal energy.

The first entry is from French producer Ocoeur. “IM2a” begins the compilation with an anticipatory crawl through vibratory tingling, with increasingly intricate and stimulating construction. The piece has a very mysterious feel to it, and evoked feelings of nostalgia and reflections on the past.

Sweden’s Clockvice, only 19 years old, introduces the grimier side with “Don’t Expect a Change.” It’s slightly darker, slower, and primarily bass driven. The calculated climb to the conclusion induced a slight anxiety… but in the best way possible. As the track progresses it becomes more menacing, and the backing strings add to the ominous ambience of the song.

Fine Cut Bodies’ “The Firebug’s Last Dance” begins with what sounds like a fire crackling, while alien technology is being utilized in the distance. Once the percussion introduces itself the listener is lead to a cosmic tribal drum circle. A slight whirring and hoarse, gravelly scratches pepper the track eerily.

Another French entry from Life In A Box, “Proteodie” contributes the most viscous of liquid sounds. Soft picking reminiscent of Spanish guitar playing is incorporated to minuscule, but compelling percussion. The overall serenity of this piece is astounding. With eyes closed you’d imagine yourself in a clearing in a Tolkien-esque world.

Australia’s Auma contributed “Ukleus,” which continued the trend of strings, this time paired with seductive chime-playing. The layering is this track is exceptional, and what sounds like a xylophone perfect compliments the entrancing drum work.

Also from Australia, Griff’s entry is a remix of Grouch’s “Exile” The ‘Stateless Mix’ is more mid tempo, and is slightly more energetic than the rest of the project, yet it’s still halcyonian in it’s makeup. The sub-bass is remarkable - listening to this without a proper system is a sin. The whole track evolves very organically - the combination of the springlike bounce of the drums, the crisp wobble and the slightly eastern feel towards the conclusion of the track bring a certain playful liveliness to the compilation.

The Netherlands’ Roel Funcken (one half of Funckarma) shares with us “The Paradigm For Reverence.” Unlike most of the other songs on the compilation, Roel brings in percussion early. The profound piano composition has an alluring and magnetic charisma to it. The delay and echoing of the synths is almost bewitching.

EVAC’s “Source” is the greatest showcase of glitch on the project. The very mechanical and industrial song sounds like what discovering new life in a dark hovel on an uncharted planet would entail. The bass is truly superb in this one - EVAC left no stone unturned on the grittiness factor.

Ion Driver remixed Quanta’s “Vibratory Fields” for his entry. This piece is very slow and truly spooky - It creeps along, very mysterious exploration of darkness. Walking through an abandoned in dilapidated city … It’s not until 5 minutes in that the percussion really breaks through, but when it does, prepare yourself for a gurgling, doom-ridden adventure through a bionic canticle that bounces like an overinflated basketball. The whole album is picturesque, this tune especially, and the mastering (which was done by Ion Driver), is incredibly lush and full.

The compilation finishes with Skp’s “iliatil.” It begins with a single undulatory note… if you close your eyes you will wind up somewhere else… As the bass and the squeaking intensify exponentially, the celestial atmosphere provokes feelings of longing… for another compilation as groundbreaking and utterly inventive as this.

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released May 11, 2015


all rights reserved



Addictech Records San Francisco, California

High Fidelity Future Music

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